Who can apply?

You are eligible if you are a member of the Faculty of Public Health, you work in the UK and you’ve played a significant, but not necessarily lead role in the development or implementation of an innovative approach to promoting mental health and wellbeing.

Criteria for award

Submissions must provide evidence of:

  • Development or implementation of an innovative approach to mental health and wellbeing improvement at population level.
  • Use of appropriate research evidence to inform practice.
  • A sound plan for monitoring and evaluating the innovation.
  • Engagement by appropriate stakeholders, including service providers, partners and/or community.
  • Potential for sustainability.


Projects or programmes addressing secondary or tertiary approaches to prevention are not eligible.

The Award recipient will have

  • Enabled public mental health work to flourish and grow- either directly or by enabling others to act
  • Demonstrated innovation in the field of public mental health – doing things differently – thinking differently – or enabling others to do so.
  • Shown how their contribution has made a difference

What can you win?

A cash prize of £500 which must be spent in a way that either promotes the work that’s already been delivered, or helps to progress the work in some way. For instance, it could fund the design of a discussion paper or it could go toward an event.

How do you enter?

To nominate yourself for the award, please submit a proposal (500 words max) that briefly outlines the work you’ve led, or enabled others to lead, and your plans as to how the award money will be spent.  Email your submissions by March 1st to: policy@fph.org.uk


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