IHPE Position Papers

The Institute’s Council, in conjunction with leading experts, has developed position papers/statements which provide an informed and authoritative perspective on topical issues in the in the field of health promotion and education.

These statements are a highly valued tool and resource for interested health promotion specialists, health professionals, politicians, policymakers, and media professionals for advocacy, policy or communication purposes.

They are rigorously and strategically developed, utilising evidence based best practice, with the objective of strengthening a perspective or opening up debate and discussion on a particular issue facing health promotion specialist and health professionals.

You can access our latest position statements below:


IHPE Position Statement: PSHE in Schools (May 2014)

IHPE Position Statement: Electronic Cigarettes (September 2014)

Safety Education – A Manifesto (May 2015)

IHPE Position Statement- PSHE in Schools (brief version) (September 2015)

IHPE Position statement: Breastfeeding (August 2017)

IHPE Position Statement: FGM (December 2017)

IHPE Position Statement: Child Home Accidents (June 2019)