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In line with our Strategic Priorities, IHPE supports its professional members in identifying relevant learning opportunities and quality health promotion education. The Institute encourages the creation of new courses and training events as well as the structuring and development of courses and resources to address gaps and meet key professional development needs in health promotion practice.

As the sole UK organisation devoted to Health Promotion and Education, IHPE advocates for a comprehensive understanding of health promotion principles and practices, not only within specialist and practitioner roles but also across a range of related professional disciplines. IHPE plays a vital role in upholding high standards of professional education and training by giving recognition to those courses which meet criteria set by the Institute.

Recognition of Undergraduate Degrees and Postgraduate-level Education

Courses leading to university qualifications in relevant specialisms can seek IHPE recognition through the application process set out on the IHPE website.

For the application to be successful the course must:

  • Have a focus on health promotion and/or health education. This focus may be combined with another relevant area such as public health, social care or related research. If the university offers more than one course in health promotion and/or health education, separate application forms and fees are required for each course.
  • Lead to a graduate or postgraduate qualification (e.g. BSc, PG Dip, MSc, MPH).
  • Have modules worth a minimum total of 360 credits at undergraduate level or 120 credits at masters level, or the equivalent level of credit within the relevant national system.
  • Have course leadership by an individual member of the IHPE.
  • Meet at least 75% overall of IHPE competency criteria and all criteria marked * must be met.

Applications are reviewed by at least two members of the IHPE Board in relation to established criteria and proposed for approval by the Board. Following approval, the course will be listed on the IHPE website as a recognised course.


  • Benefits for recognised courses include free student memberships, access to IHPE resources and use of a specific ‘Recognised by IHPE’ logo.
  • Fees, approved by IHPE Board, cover course recognition for a period of 5 years and may be extended for a further period of two years on payment of a renewal fee.
  • Course leaders must notify IHPE of any significant changes to maintain the recognised status or undergo review/reapplication.

Recognition of short courses, workshops and events

A Learning Directory on the IHPE website, lists ongoing and forthcoming short courses, workshops and other learning events. These need not necessarily be university validated.


  • To be listed here, activities must meet a simple set of criteria including relevant content (within one or more areas of health promotion and education) and qualified trainers. The lead trainer, course director or event organiser must be a member of IHPE.
  • Details to be provided are Course/Event Title; Aim/s & Objectives; Name and qualification of trainers; Link to website and/or other promotional materials.
  • The learning directory will make clear that the responsibility for quality lies with the providers of the activity.
  • Short courses, workshops and events which are listed in the IHPE Learning Directory will be permitted to use a specific ‘Recognised by IHPE’ logo on their promotional materials.
  • CPD certificates are no longer frequently awarded for learning activities, and it is more usual for participants to provide other evidence of their learning. IHPE may respond in future to requests to provide a certificate or similar.

Application fee for recognition

An administration fee of £400 is required once course recognition has been granted. The course recognition period with the IHPE lasts a total of 5 years. The university will be required to apply for renewal of course recognition after the 5 year period has ended or at any time if significant changes in the curriculum occur. Renewal applications are charged at £200 and extend the period of recognition by two years.

Maintaining course recognition status

Universities that deliver a recognised course/courses are obliged to inform the IHPE of any significant changes in the course or curriculum, which may affect its status during the 5 year period of recognition.

Download the IHPE Health Promotion and Health Education Course Recognition application form here:


IHPE Postgraduate Course Recognition Application Form

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