Clearing the Air: the Beginning and End of Air Pollution

Written by Tim Smedley, Published by Bloomsbury Sigma

The book has been described as essential reading for anyone who cares about the air they breathe. As one reviewer comments: “this much becomes clear in the fight against air pollution –  we all have a part to play. The fight back has begun.” 

“A wonderfully written book that takes you through the fascinating and terrifying story of air pollution and explains how billions of people unwittingly ended up breathing toxic air. What Tim does so well is to articulate a simple truth that ultimately leaves you with hope – it doesn’t have to be this way. Air pollution is a man-made problem and Clearing the Air sets out the simple steps that governments and individuals must take to ensure that everyone can breathe clean air.” James Thorton CEO, ClientEarth

“Clearing the Air sets out in simple terms the monumental damage that dirty air is causing to us and our environment. It also gives us the remarkably simple, logical solutions that need embracing across the world. Compulsory reading.”  Chris Boardman, Olympic Gold Medallist and Greater Manchester Cycling and Walking Commissioner.

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