Consultations and IHPE responses

The Institute of Health Promotion and Education Council is committed to engaging with its members, health promotion communities and external stakeholders, taking into account their views and allowing their input to form part of everything we do, including our voice on other organizations consultations relating to health promotion and education.

The Institute responds to public consultations on behalf of members and external health promotion/education communities. In doing so, the Institute offers a voice for all those involved in health promotion and education. You can read the Institute of Health Promotion and Education’s most recently published responses to consultations from the list below and you can make comment on our consultations through the secretariat and via our members’ forum.

We have also provided final consultation documents issued by the initiating body for your full reference.

In addition you will see some forthcoming consultations that we might consider responding to and we will take into account any comments made by members and external communities up to 3 days prior to the consultation deadline date.

You are encouraged to join in our response and offer your voice. Entries are in the format:

  • Consultation title
  • Date
  • Consultation text