Types of membership

dreamstimesmall_44950796We offer several grades of membership including…

– Full

– Fellow

– Associate

– Student

– Corporate

– Retired

…along with Honorary Life Memberships. Please see the information below regarding each membership category…

  • Full membership

If you are a health promotion specialist, a health professional or academic currently engaged within the field of health promotion and education, and…

  • Hold a recognised professional qualification or have the virtue of experience
  • Possess an understanding of the principles of health promotion and health education
  • Are competent to undertake its practice

…then becoming a Full Member of the Institute would be practical for your professional standing and your career development.

Full members receive a full range of services to support their career development, including post nominal nomenclature to support their value in the health community.

Find out more about the benefits and costs of a full membership grade.

Find out how to become a member. Note: To receive our application form in Word version, please contact us.

  • Fellow membership

If you have been a full member of the Institute for five years or more, then you can apply to upgrade your membership to a Fellowship status.

There is no automatic right to be granted a fellowship. Those who are granted fellowship status enjoy the right to differentiate their professional standing by the use of post-nominal nomenclature FIHPE.

Find out more about the benefits and costs of Fellow membership. A £10 membership transfer fee applies and a higher annual membership fee is involved. Failure to renew the appropriate annual subscription may result in the loss of Fellowship status and any additional benefits it bestows.

To upgrade your existing membership simply contact the IHPE Honorary Secretary via honsec@ihpe.org.uk.

  • Associate membership

If you are not currently working within the field of health promotion and education but hold an appropriate professional qualification in a health related field, then you should consider the benefits of becoming an Associate Member.

You will be able to identify yourself with the post nominal nomenclature AIHPE, setting yourself apart from similar health professionals in your field. In addition you will have access to a range of support products and services to support your professional development and career contacts.

Find out more about the benefits and costs of an associate membership.

Find out how to become a member. Note: This is available in Word version, please contact us.

  • Student membership

If you are currently studying full time for a professional qualification in health promotion or in a relevant health field, then you should consider the benefits that IHPE can offer you during your study tenure.

You are entitled to a reduction in our annual subscription. Plus – there is no charge for application or upgrade when you have completed your studies.

The student membership also applies to current IHPE members returning to professional study related to the practice of health promotion. This offers a reduction in your membership fee during the course of your study whilst continuing to benefit from IHPE support.

Find out more about the benefits and costs of a student membership.

  • Corporate Membership

Organisations engaged or associated within the field of health promotion and health education. Corporate Members are entitled to all the facilities available to ordinary members.

Find out how to become a member. Note: To receive our application form in Word version, please contact us.

  • Honorary Life Membership and Honorary Life Fellowship

The Institute bestows Honorary Life Fellowship by resolution at the Annual General Meetings.

Nominations for Honorary Life Members and Honorary Life Fellows are to be made to the Honorary Secretary for consideration by the IHPE Council to be conferred at the AGM.

For further information, please contact the Honorary Secretary via honsec@ihpe.org.uk.

  • Retired Membership

When previous or existing members of the institute retire they can apply for retired membership.


Affiliate Membership

The Institute of Health Promotion and Education has affiliated membership arrangements with a number of other professional bodies. If you are a member of any of the following Institutes, you will not need to pay an application fee. Simply send a copy of your membership certificate in with your application.

  • Royal Society of Public Health

Further information

Regulations covering eligibility for IHPE membership, membership categories and voting rights are laid out in our IHPE Articles of Association, which are registered with Companies House, UK.

If you have any queries or need more assistance on how to apply please contact the Membership Secretary at admin@ihpe.org.uk