Current Health Promotion Roles

See below for information on a few examples of paid roles within the health promotion sector at the current time. There are also volunteering opportunities available within the charitable sector and the occasional internship.

Health promotion is delivered on a multitude of different levels from strategic planning to face-face work with the public and employing agencies range from Public Health England and its counterparts in the devolved nations, through local NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and charities to private providers, academia and more. Titles, duties and qualifications required vary widely depending on the employing organisation and obviously the level of operation, but below is a flavour of roles available:


Tobacco Control Health Promotion Officer

Employed by Local Authority

Duties: Working within Community Protection in a unique partnership of council functions such as Housing and Environmental Health, county and city Police Divisions and other council colleagues. Tobacco control is the systematic coordination of efforts to make smoking history. The role includes teaching sessions in schools and training school health teams to reduce children’s exposure to second-hand smoke and reduce smoking uptake. Involves partnership work with the local stop smoking services to mark national campaigns such as Stoptober. Action to tackle illegal tobacco with Trading Standards and keeping abreast of emerging issues such as shisha are also key tasks.

Insight Specialist, Level 2 Early Intervention Directorate

Employed by Local Authority

Duties: Lead on the commissioning of public health services in specified policy areas and ensure that they deliver value for money and are cost effective. Undertake health needs assessment and health equity audits. Assess evidence of effectiveness of health promotion interventions and compile service evaluations. To write reports making recommendations to policy leaders within local authority and strategic multi agency partnerships such as clinical commissioning groups. To develop strategies to implement national priorities and policy at a local level.


Health Information Officer

Employed by Local Authority

Duties: to provide face- face, telephone and online health information to public and professionals working in health care and the voluntary sector. Ensure up to date knowledge and information and provision of resources (books, leaflets, posters, health promotion campaign resources).Compile audit and evaluations of service provided.

Health Promotion Worker for Black and Ethnic Minority Communities

Employed by HIV and Sexual Health Charity

Aim to promote safe sex, increase the level of HIV testing, reducing the rate of late HIV diagnoses and supporting people to access services.

Role includes facilitating a regular group, providing one to one support, undertaking community outreach and promotion, developing written materials, and attending events.

NHS Information Specialist

Employed by National Institute of Clinical Excellence

Requiring a Masters in Health Information Management this role supports health analysts by providing them with trial information and clinical database searches. This information is then used to contribute to national health policy. Information is provided from a broad range of health sources, creating current awareness services, training others in information searching skills and monitoring progress of new treatment trials and technologies within health care.

Healthy Heart Practitioner

Employed by Private Company commissioned to provide specific services to NHS and or Local Authority

Duties: To deliver front line health improvement classes to target populations within a defined geographical area. This could include weight management classes, cooking classes and physical activity interventions. Monitor and report individual progress and liaise with key stakeholders.

Health and Wellbeing Coordinator

Employed by Social Housing Provider

Duties: To facilitate the coordination and delivery of a range of community health and well- being activities that promote independence and healthy lifestyles and combat social isolation amongst residents living in retirement, sheltered housing facilities.


Behaviour Change Advisor

Employed by Private Health Care Company

Duties: To research new interventions and new technological tools and products to aid behaviour change. Support the strategic marketing and promotion of products throughout the country.

School Health Advisor

Employed by NHS Hospital Trust

Duties: School Nurse to deliver Healthy Child Package with emphasis on child mental health. Working closely with the Vulnerable Young Person’s team and the Health Improvement Practitioner plan, develop and deliver strategies to improve child and young people’s mental health.

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