As the only professional association in the UK devoted to health promotion and health education, the IHPE is in a unique position to offer course accreditation to eligible university courses. Gaining IHPE course accreditation will allow universities to demonstrate that their programme provides relevant competencies in health promotion and/or health education to students training for a career in this field.  Additional benefits of accreditation are as follows:

All new students on IHPE accredited courses and three members of academic staff from IHPE accredited courses are eligible to receive:

Free IHPE resources, at the request of the hosting Institution

One free pass to any conference or event held by IHPE


Networking opportunities for students of, and institutions with IHPE accredited courses

Free membership of a Special Interest Group(s)

Universities that attain IHPE course accreditation will receive a Certificate of Accreditation. Universities may advertise their recognised status to potential students and are permitted to use the IHPE logo on promotional materials related to the course for this purpose. All accredited courses will also be listed on the IHPE website as such.

Universities outside of the UK are also encouraged to apply for course accreditation. Please note that all application should be made in English.


Listed below are the criteria that must be met for a course to be eligible for IHPE Health Promotion and Health Education Course accreditation:
          • The course must lead to a graduate or postgraduate qualification (e.g. BSc, PG Dip, MSc, MPH).
          • The course must have a focus on health promotion and/or health education. This focus may be combined with another relevant area such as public health, social care or research. If the university offers more than one course in health promotion and/or health education, separate application forms and fees are required for each course.
          • The application must demonstrate that the course meets 75% of curriculum criteria which describe core competencies in six areas of health promotion and health education. Those criteria marked with an * must be met.
          • The course modules must be worth a minimum total of 360 credits at undergraduate level or 120 credits at masters level (or equivalent).
          • The course or programme leader must be a member of the IHPE.


The IHPE Health Promotion and Health Education Course Accreditation process begins with the completion and submission of an application form. Information is requested about the university, the course and the curriculum offered in health promotion and/or health education. For further details on specific requirements, see the application form on pages 3 to 7 of this handbook.

At least two members of Board of the IHPE will review each application and may contact the university for additional information or to seek clarification. Contact information for an appropriate course representative must be provided on the application form. Recommendations for course accreditation will be reviewed by the IHPE Board before a decision is taken.

All applicants will be contacted with the results of their application. If the application is successful, the IHPE will post details of the course on its website. The university may also advertise the course’s accredited status and attach the IHPE logo to its course description webpage and other promotional materials.

The IHPE will review all materials provided by universities in support of their application for course accreditation However, the IHPE can take no responsibility for the implementation of the university programmes that it recognises, students’ experiences or employment prospects resulting from courses chosen on the basis of IHPE accreditation.

Application fee for accreditation

An administration fee of £300 is required once course accreditation has been granted. The course accreditation period with the IHPE lasts a total of 5 years. The university will be required to apply for renewal of course accreditation after the 5 year period has ended or at any time if significant changes in the curriculum occur. Renewal applications are charged at £100.

Maintaining course accreditation status

IHPE course accreditation will last for 5 years. Universities that deliver an accredited course/courses are obliged to inform the IHPE if any significant changes in the course or curriculum have occurred, which may affect its status during the 5 year period of recognition.

Download the IHPE Health Promotion and Health Education Course Accreditation application form here:


IHPE Postgraduate Course Recognition Application Form

IHPE Accredited Courses

MSc Public Health and Health Promotion      Robert Gordon University

MSc Public Health – Health Promotion            Leeds Beckett University

BSc Health Promotion and Public Health       University of Nottingham

Master of Public Health (MPH)                         University of Nottingham, Nottingham Centre for Public Health & Epidemiology, School of Medicine

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