IHPE Member Spotlight: Mike Oliver

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I work in the public health department of Stoke-on-Trent City Council as a Senior Health Improvement Specialist in the Healthy Communities team. Driven by a determination to tackle health inequalities the team is dedicated to building healthy, resilient communities. Two … Continued

IHPE Member Spotlight: John McLuskey

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John McLuskey, Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences, The University of Nottingham Currently I am Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Nottingham, where I lead the undergraduate degree in Nursing. I have been a nurse for 30 years … Continued

Upselling and Increased Calorie Intake

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Upselling is the practice whereby food outlets encourage customers to upgrade to larger meals and drinks or include ‘add ons’ like side orders etc. Young people are said to be most susceptible to this hard sell which is often phrased … Continued

Heart Health Campaign

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Public Health England has estimated that one tenth of 50 year old men in England actually have a heart age 10 years older than their actual age, putting them at increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. To increase awareness … Continued

Mental Health in the Workplace

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Taken from Lancet Editorial on November 4th Thriving at work: The Stevenson/Farmer review of mental health and employers was released on October 26th. The report was commissioned by Theresa May after announcing efforts towards transforming mental health support in the … Continued

Eliminating Hepatitis

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World Hepatitis Day on the 28th July aimed to add momentum to the WHO’s first global health sector strategy on viral hepatitis for 2016-21. Its goal is elimination of hepatitis by 2030. See also the World Health Summit on Hepatitis. … Continued

Key Concepts in Health Promotion 1: Salutogenesis

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Over 20 years ago Antonovsky proposed salutogenic theory to guide health promotion. His 1996 paper has been one of the most read in the journal Health Promotion International. Garcia-Moya and Morgan’s recent review article assesses the current theoretical status of … Continued

@InstituteHPE: Recent Job Posts on Twitter

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Following the adoption of Twitter in February IHPE   reached its 1000th Tweet in August and recorded 919 followers. Special thanks to trustees Michael C Watson and Anne Cofoupoulos for their contributions. Jobs in public health and health promotion are regularly … Continued

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