dreamstimesmall_42743277Continuing Professional Development with IHPE

Continuing Professional Development is the practice of updating and improving existing knowledge and skills throughout one’s working life. It is essential for Health Professionals practicing health promotion and education to ensure their ongoing effectiveness and accountability for any activities they undertake. They need to check these are consistent with legal, ethical and professional standards related to the promotion of health and prevention and/or management of disease.

The Institute of Health Promotion and Education is committed to supporting and raising the standards of health professionals practising within the field of health promotion and education. While it does not have a CPD-based register, it does support other professional bodies’ CPD-based schemes where members are required to reach a number of CPD points per year to remain on their specialist field register. IHPE approval is particularly relevant where a professional body requires verifiable CPD.

The Institute supports continuous professional development (CPD) by providing opportunities through conferences, publications, recognising relevant postgraduate courses and training along with approving external seminars, workshops and other relevant health-based events.

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The Institute encourages health professionals to exchange research, better practice and build academic theory. It supports these activities by providing a peer-reviewed international journal showcasing evidence based research, and by reviewing academic and professional publications.

The International Journal of Health Promotion and Education is free to members and available to non-members on subscription.

The Institute also provides briefing papers that have been designed to inform health professionals of a current health promotion or education issue by providing background information followed up by proposed solutions and recommended actions that could be undertaken. Stay up to date by visiting our News and Consultations sections.



The Institute hosts an Annual General Meeting and conference each year, supports recognised postgraduate courses and external events that have met the requirements for CPD under our CPD scheme or Centres of Excellence scheme. (Please note that there is a fee payable for reviewing and approving courses for CPD certification.)

All these events offer CPD opportunities and the chance for health professionals to engage in information sharing and networking with other health professionals. Attendance at these events entitles the attendee to receive an IHPE approved CPD event/course certificate, eligible for verifiable CPD.

Download our list of Recognised Courses.

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