Helena is CEO and Founder of The Alcohol Education Trust.

Following a long career specialising in alcohol, health and responsible drinking, Helena with a group of likeminded specialists in alcohol, PSHE and education founded the Alcohol Education Trust in 2009 (established as a charity in 2010).


Seeing a need for a practical alcohol education programme for young people in schools and informal settings across the UK, the Trust’s ethos is built around evidence based, interactive, feasible approaches that are adaptable to busy lives. Helena understands the importance of positive social norm based, engaging and interactive teaching methods that build resilience and reduce all risk taking among young people.


Helena is an accredited PSHE practitioner (Roehampton), a member of the European Society for Prevention Research, and of The National Health Education Group. Helena has authored many articles and publications including the top ranking Adepis CAYT Talk About Alcohol programme



Websites: www.alcoholeducationtrust.org and www.talkaboutalcohol.com