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The IHPE is dedicated to maintaining and improving standards in Health Education and Health Promotion. It’s impressive history spans over 50 years, (it was founded in 1962.)

The Institute is a recognised professional association offering various membership options to those engaged in the practice of Health Education and Health Promotion. (This is subject to qualifications and experience). A variety of membership benefits are involved.


As well as publishing the highly regarded International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, the Institute of Health promotion and Education is also involved with:

• Maintaining a continuing professional development programme.
• Approving courses and conferences for continuing professional development.
• Accrediting Centres of Expertise.
• Encourages research.
• Providing advice on policy development.
• Recognising distinguished contributions to health promotion and health education through awards and honours.
• Linking with other professional societies and institutes. e.g. have reciprocal arrangements for members wishing to join the RSPH.


Our members’ interests are varied including:

– public health

– health promotion

– nursing

dreamstimesmall_43146132– midwifery

– health visiting

– medicine

– psychiatry

– dentistry

– nutrition health coaching and training

– stress management

– psychology

– teaching


The Institute concerns itself solely with professional interests and activities and does not undertake any trade union activities.

The Institute has achieved a recognised role in the field of prevention and management of illness and promotion of health. It has been in the forefront of developments, with special contributions to the settings approach. This has been reflected in recent publications that have dealt with:

• health promoting settings
• models of management
• quality assessment and evaluation

The Institute’s Board of Trustees involves a team of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about health promotion and education. If you would like to be involved, please contact us.