Social Determinants of Health: Call for Statements

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Health promotion emphasises the social determinants of health and the impact that these have on health behaviour and health outcomes. To this end we are pleased to announce a further call for statements for a special issue. The overview is:

There is a wide appreciation and evidence base that shows the impact of social factors on the health and well-being of communities, but health promotion programmes overwhelmingly remain focused on behavioural outcomes and modifying ‘lifestyle’. While lifestyle interventions have a major contribution to make in addressing health outcomes and addressing inequalities, they are often limited in understanding wider social constraints on the lives of individuals and communities. This special edition will focus on how tackling wider social determinants (transport, housing, employment, poverty, education) can contribute to health promotion. The special edition welcomes papers from different methodological perspectives; evidence syntheses; and discussion and theoretical statements.

Possible subject areas will include: social and community networks; poverty; education; housing; employment/unemployment/work; water and sanitation; transport; and underserved/vulnerable groups.

 The deadline for submissions is 31st May 2019