How Bradford is Setting Health Trends

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The important project  Born in Bradford was publicised in a letter to the Guardian on the 9th May.  This project is a long term study of a cohort of 13,500 children born between 2007 and 2010 whose health is being tracked from pregnancy, through childhood and into adult life.

Extract from a letter to the Guardian published on May 9th:

Simon Jenkins sees Bradford as a cold spot amid the successes of other parts of Yorkshire (Guardian 3 May). None of us who were born and bred, live or work here doubt the challenges the city faces, not least from the impact of austerity on its economy. But there are some areas where Bradford is leading the way. Challenges can prompt imaginative thinking. In Bradford an alliance  of local people, health professionals and academics  got together to set up a major study to improve the health of children

Born in Bradford began in 2007, includes over 30.000 people, and continues to work with these families. It is providing lessons for Bradford and similar cities across the world about how improving health is everybody’s concern. It has been the catalyst for extending research in the city by linking individual health, education and local authority data and making the city one of the first in England to be able to monitor the health and wellbeing of its population in real time. It provides the context for trying new things and measuring their impact, as illustrated by its partnership with the Better Start Bradford project.