Key Concepts in Health Promotion 1: Salutogenesis

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Over 20 years ago Antonovsky proposed salutogenic theory to guide health promotion. His 1996 paper has been one of the most read in the journal Health Promotion International.

Garcia-Moya and Morgan’s recent review article assesses the current theoretical status of salutogenesis and ‘sense of coherence’, its central construct. Put simply salutogenesis is an approach focussing on factors that support human health and well-being rather than factors which cause disease.

The authors conclude that salutogenesis has been subjected to extensive empirical testing with considerable evidence of its relevance. They note that less emphasis has been placed on the development of its theoretical basis and identify aspects  to be developed further.

I Garcia-Moya and A Morgan (2017) The utility of salutogenesis for guiding health promotion: the case for young people’s wellbeing. Health Promotion International Vol 32, 4 pp 723 733

Antonovsky,A. (1996) The salutogenic model as a theory to guide health promotion.  Health Promotion International Vol 11, pp 11-18