Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? London Exhibition.

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Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Rd,  London NW1 2BE

September 7th 2017 – January 14th 2018.

Considers the role of graphic design in healthcare messaging and how it has been used to persuade, inform and empower.

Explore the relationship between graphic design and health in the current exhibition at the Wellcome Collection.

Comprising over 200 objects, including hard-hitting posters, illuminated pharmacy signs and digital teaching aids, the exhibition will consider the role of graphic design in constructing and communicating healthcare messages around the world, and will show how graphic design has been used to persuade, to inform and to empower

This exhibition highlights the widespread and often subliminal nature of graphic design in shaping our environment and our health, and our sense of self.  Drawn from influential figures in graphic design from the 20th century, as well as from studios and individual designers working today. Includes the design of plain paper packaging for cigarettes, classic HIV AIDS posters,  cards for communicating with doctors via pictograms etc

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