Eliminating Hepatitis

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World Hepatitis Day on the 28th July aimed to add momentum to the WHO’s first global health sector strategy on viral hepatitis for 2016-21. Its goal is elimination of hepatitis by 2030. See also the World Health Summit on Hepatitis. … Continued

Key Concepts in Health Promotion 1: Salutogenesis

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Over 20 years ago Antonovsky proposed salutogenic theory to guide health promotion. His 1996 paper has been one of the most read in the journal Health Promotion International. Garcia-Moya and Morgan’s recent review article assesses the current theoretical status of … Continued

@InstituteHPE: Recent Job Posts on Twitter

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Following the adoption of Twitter in February IHPE   reached its 1000th Tweet in August and recorded 919 followers. Special thanks to trustees Michael C Watson and Anne Cofoupoulos for their contributions. Jobs in public health and health promotion are regularly … Continued

New School Year and Children’s Exercise

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The Global Matrix of child physical activity based on  38 countries placed England, Wales and Scotland as amongst the worst for children’s physical activity with South Africa, New Zealand and Slovenia the best performing. At the start of the new … Continued