Obesity Health Alliance Action Plan

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The Alliance which consists of 41 medical groups, health charities and public health bodies has drawn up a 10 point action plan intended to influence political parties in the run up to the general election.

It is urging that whoever wins the election should strengthen the plan and take bolder steps to address the obesogenic environment in which children are growing up.

The OHA plan includes:

– Steps to reduce  children’s exposure to marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks;

– Ban on advertising  of such products before 9 pm;

– Extension of rules to cover sponsorship of sports and family attractions.


The government is also called on to:

– Instigate a campaign to warn consumers of the presence and danger of free, or added sugars  found in food stuffs;

– Ensure that traffic lights labelling on food remains after Britain leaves the EU.

– Oblige free schools and academies  to serve lunches that comply  with the school food standards which stipulate nutritional standards in state schools

Read more: www.obesityhealthalliance.org.uk/news/

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