Searching for sustainability within public health policy: insights from an injury prevention perspective (Article just published online -The European Journal of Public Health)

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Errington G et al. “Using a community-based child injury prevention programme in England as an exemplar, this paper explores the concept of sustainability within the wider policy environment, and considers the impact of this on local programmes. Conclusions: Programme sustainability … Continued

Childhood obesity: a plan for action

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First published: 18 August 2016 The government’s plan to reduce England’s rate of childhood obesity within the next 10 years by encouraging: industry to cut the amount of sugar in food and drinks primary school children to eat more healthily and … Continued

Suicide prevention inquiry

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The Health Committee has decided to undertake an inquiry into the action which is necessary to improve suicide prevention in England.When someone takes their own life, the effect on their family, friends and the wider community is devastating. The Government published Preventing … Continued

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