PHOENIX: Public Health and Obesity in England – the New Infrastructure Examined

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The research objectives set out at the start of the project were:

1. To conduct a critical analysis of the impact of recent structural reforms on the public health system and its likely ability to improve population health and tackle obesity (as an example of a complex problem).

2. To develop a clearer understanding of the relationships between different components within the public health system at national and local level.

3. To identify the ways in which organisations within the public health system approach the establishment and/or commissioning of health improvement interventions (by focusing on their approaches to tackling obesity).

4. To examine commissioning decision-making processes within case study sites, with regards to obesity/weight management activities, to identify influences on decision-making and relational influences on health improvement.

5. To identify difficulties and opportunities facing actors within the new public health system in progressing the public health agenda, and specifically in relation to preventing/managing obesity

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