Public Mental Health Awards

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The Faculty of Public Health (FPH) is launching a new public mental health award to be presented at the 2016 FPH Conference. It is especially interested in gathering case studies of local approaches where mental health has been made a public health or Health and Wellbeing Board strategy.

Entries need to demonstrate that they:

  • Have taken a public health perspective on population mental health
  • Have been creative and innovative, providing useful prototypes for further development;
  • Can successfully demonstrate taking a proven public mental health intervention to scale
  • Have shown how public mental health has been embedded in other fields of activity and has engaged with a wide range of participants
  • Built a bridge between physical and mental/emotional health
  • Provided a vehicle for raising awareness , sharing knowledge and increasing motivation about public mental health across the local system
  • Provided helpful learning materials and/or have implications for research

Entries for the aware can be made via FPH Mental Health Award. The closing date for this year’s awards is December 12th.

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