Event: Transforming Health Outcomes for Children and Young People, 16 September 2015

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Transforming Health Outcomes for Children and Young People: A System-Wide Response

16 September 23015, Central London


Dr Marilena Korkodilos
Deputy Director Specialist
Public Health Services
Public Health England (PHE)

Whilst child health outcomes in the UK have improved in recent years, they remain poor when compared with other countries in Northern and Western Europe due to high mortality, morbidity and inequality.

In March 2015 the Government established Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum published its second Annual Report. Reviewing its impact to date, the Forum praised the unprecedented focus on children’s health outcomes and welcomed progress in implementing a number of its recommendations but stressed that current action was uncoordinated and unfocused and called for the new Government to develop and implement a Children and Young People’s Health Strategy.

This special symposium offers a timely opportunity for healthcare professionals, clinical commissioning groups, local authorities, education professionals and other key stakeholders to explore how to improve health and healthcare outcomes for children and young people in the UK, particularly for the most disadvantaged children, in order to rank amongst the best in the world.

Delegates will also:

  • Discuss the findings of the Child and Adolescent Health Outcomes Forum’s 2nd Annual Report
  • Examine how to improve child healthcare outcomes through prevention, early intervention and improving the treatment of long-term conditions
  • Consider how to protect the health of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children
  • Explore how to put children at the heart of decision making, integrating services around their needs and engaging children throughout their care
  • Assess how to transform children’s care through better training of health professionals, increased accountability and ensuring gaps in service provision are addressed


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