Safety Education – A Manifesto

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Accidents are preventable and yet they are the leading cause of death up to 39 years of age.

Accidents on the roads, in the home, at school, and in the environment, account for large numbers of preventable deaths and serious injury to children and young people every year. It is vitally important that children and young people learn how to assess and manage risk to protect their own safety and are, with support of adults, able to take increasing responsibility for the protection and safety of others.

All schools and colleges no matter how they are arranged organised and funded have a responsibility to ensure children and young people are safe and learn about risk and managing risk where risk is seen as part of everyday life.

Download Safety Education – A Manifesto May 2015 in which IHPE has identified priorities we would urge the Government to adopt and ensure that Departments with responsibility for children and young people work more closely together to improve outcomes for their health and wellbeing in order to realise the ambition to save lives and reduce injuries.


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